NFL Standings in 2017/18 season

#team% overallstreakhomestreakawaystreak
AFC East
1New England Patriots81.313-0-3won 36-0-2won 57-0-1won 1
2Buffalo Bills56.39-0-7won 16-0-2won 23-0-5won 1
3Miami Dolphins37.56-0-10lost 34-0-4lost 12-0-6lost 5
4New York Jets31.35-0-11lost 44-0-4lost 11-0-7lost 5
AFC North
1Pittsburgh Steelers81.313-0-3won 26-0-2won 17-0-1won 6
2Baltimore Ravens56.39-0-7lost 15-0-3lost 14-0-4won 1
3Cincinnati Bengals43.87-0-9won 24-0-4won 13-0-5won 1
4Cleveland Browns0.00-0-16lost 160-0-8lost 80-0-8lost 8
AFC South
1Jacksonville Jaguars62.510-0-6lost 26-0-2won 54-0-4lost 3
2Tennessee Titans56.39-0-7won 16-0-2won 13-0-5lost 2
3Houston Texans25.04-0-12lost 63-0-5lost 21-0-7lost 7
4Indianapolis Colts25.04-0-12won 13-0-5won 11-0-7lost 3
AFC West
1Kansas City Chiefs62.510-0-6won 46-0-2won 34-0-4won 1
2Los Angeles Chargers56.39-0-7won 25-0-3won 54-0-4won 1
3Oakland Raiders37.56-0-10lost 44-0-4lost 12-0-6lost 3
4Denver Broncos31.35-0-11lost 24-0-4lost 11-0-7lost 1
NFC East
1Philadelphia Eagles81.313-0-3lost 17-0-1lost 16-0-2won 2
2Dallas Cowboys56.39-0-7won 13-0-5lost 16-0-2won 3
3Washington Redskins43.87-0-9lost 15-0-3won 32-0-6lost 4
4New York Giants18.83-0-13won 12-0-6won 11-0-7lost 4
NFC North
1Minnesota Vikings81.313-0-3won 37-0-1won 56-0-2won 1
2Detroit Lions56.39-0-7won 14-0-4won 25-0-3lost 1
3Green Bay Packers43.87-0-9lost 34-0-4lost 13-0-5lost 2
4Chicago Bears31.35-0-11lost 13-0-5won 12-0-6lost 2
NFC South
1New Orleans Saints68.811-0-5lost 17-0-1won 74-0-4lost 3
2Carolina Panthers68.811-0-5lost 16-0-2won 55-0-3lost 2
3Atlanta Falcons62.510-0-6won 15-0-3won 25-0-3lost 1
4Tampa Bay Buccaneers31.35-0-11won 14-0-4won 11-0-7lost 3
NFC West
1Los Angeles Rams68.811-0-5lost 14-0-4lost 27-0-1won 3
2Seattle Seahawks56.39-0-7lost 14-0-4lost 25-0-3won 1
3Arizona Cardinals50.08-0-8won 25-0-3won 23-0-5won 1
4San Francisco 49ers37.56-0-10won 53-0-5won 23-0-5won 3

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