Read this page to learn how particular chart or table represents sports betting information on main league pages.

Strength comparison

Using complex statistical analysis of exact data we make objective estimation of strength for each club. This chart shows comparison of that values for incoming games. Although this chart does not tell you directly which tip to select for specific pair, it's very close to that. Higher difference in strength - higher probability to win (or lose). If clubs are near equal, every outcome is equally possible.

Only statistics are included in calculation of this value - it's impossible to express numerically information like injuries, change of coach, financial problems etc. Before making final decision always check latest news.


Man. City - Chelsea

Manchester City, as a home team, and Chelsea, as a guest, are near equal strength.


This table shows predictions by other sources: computer software, web sites, self-proclaimed betting experts... These predictons are very unreliable. Each of them has success ratio far from acceptable level. However, all together in one place they give information that can have some significance (for example if all predicts the same).

  • 1 = home win
  • 2 = away win
  • x = draw
  • 1x = home win or draw
  • x2 = away win or draw


This table shows average odds from several internet bookies in following columns, respectively:

  • odds for home win (1)
  • odds for draw (x)
  • odds for away win (2)
  • odds for home win or draw (1x)
  • odds for away win or draw (x2)

Last 6, Home, Away, All

Each chart shows specific subset of played games. All have 3 segments:

1. percentage of wins, draws, defeats

win %
draw %
loss %

2. average scores

goals scored
goals allowed

3. last 6 games


Each star symbolizes one game. Last game is at the rightmost position.

Example (away):


This chart fragment tells that FC Chelsea is fairly good as guest. They have about 40% wins, 40% draws and 20% defeats in away games. In average, Chelsea scores insignificantly more goals then receives. In last two games, the team have suffered two defeats.