Austrian Bundesliga 2024/2025 Soccer / Football

League format : Austria : Bundesliga 2024/2025

The Bundesliga (First Division) is the top level in Austrian football. Like the Swiss Super League, the Austrian season starts in July because of a long mid-winter break.

After 22 rounds, the Bundesliga's top six teams will qualify for the championship playoffs. After the cut-off date, the league's six bottom-ranked teams will compete in the relegation playoffs, with both playoffs spanning ten rounds. The Bundesliga champion and the second-placed team qualify for the Champions League, while the team finishing in last place is relegated.

1Altach000-0-0 (0)
1BW Linz000-0-0 (0)
1Wattens000-0-0 (0)
1Hartberg000-0-0 (0)
1Wolfsberg000-0-0 (0)
1LASK000-0-0 (0)
1Austria V.000-0-0 (0)
1Salzburg000-0-0 (0)
1GAK000-0-0 (0)
1Rapid000-0-0 (0)
1Sturm000-0-0 (0)
1Austria K.000-0-0 (0)

Austrian Bundesliga stats

Home wins0%
Away wins0%