Lastest Changes To Sports Betting In The USA: What Do You Need To Know

Changes in sports betting across the globe have continued to be made as technological advancements have continued to improve the reach top new audiences. But with changes to legislation in the US as well as changes on a state level, several changes have been made on a state level aiding in the growth of this market. In this article, we will be outlining these changes happening within the US at this time.

Sports Betting In The USA

For many years now, the United States of America has been somewhat divided by the future of sports betting across the 50 states. Since the supreme court ruling on sports betting allowed for individual states to decide on their own states ruling on sports betting there has been several states that have legalised sports betting as a result.

With several states moving quickly as soon as the legalisation of sports betting came into effect, they have benefitted a vast amount of revenue in the form of taxes being put back into the stated funded projects. With states such as Colorado seeing an estimated revenue of $946,741 in their debut month, sports betting is profitable for these states and is revolutionising the way that people interact with sports in this area. With a number of casinos popping up in several states, there has also been the generation of jobs for those living in the area.

States That Have Legalised Sports Betting

With these changes to sports betting around the United States, it can be difficult to keep up with which states have legalised sports betting on top betting sites at this time. To help you fully understand the changes being made to these states, we have compiled a list of some of the states that have legalised or are yet to legalise sports betting:

Nevada - One of the main states that were first to legalise sports betting in Nevada. With a number of casinos allowing for sports betting on the NBA, NFL and a number of other major sporting events.

Colorado – This is one of the most recent states to legalise sports betting and has seen a huge amount of revenue being generated by the state. This is slowly beginning to expand and has a huge amount of potential for this.

Illinois – Legal sports betting arrived in this state in March 2020 and has also seen a vast amount of success. With access to both online and in casino gambling on sports.

States That Are Not There Yet

Though many states have made the changes to the legalisation of sports betting, there are a number of states that are still yet to make these changes. These states are as follows:

Utah – With several laws outright banning sports betting of all kinds, it is looking unlikely that you will see sports betting legalised here.

Kentucky – There has been a 27-page bill for the Kentucky racing commission to take up sports betting on their races within the states. In addition to this, the sports betting bill will also allow for sports betting on college sports allowing for generating revenue.

Minnesota – A bill has been passed through the legislators there is still a long way to go. With the court not reaching an agreement in May this year, the communication surrounding sports betting is continuing and hopefully changing shortly.

Kansas – Despite a bill being proposed in January of 2018 and revisited in 2019, there is still a long way to go until sports betting in Kansas is completely legalised. With many more bills being put into place at this time, it is likely for this to become a reality soon.

Upcoming Deals With Denver Broncos

Another huge change that is pushing forward the movement in terms of sports betting in the USA is the recent signing of the Betfred deal with several sporting events. The most recent signing for the corporation is the deal with the Denver Broncos. This is a huge step in the right direction for sports betting as it is opening it up to the market that is rapidly expanding at this time.

With this in mind, there are several ways that USA sports betting is changing to make way for a new wave of those looking to bet on upcoming sporting events within their states.