How Esports Became so Popular to Bet on

After staying under the radar for many years, esports has eventually taken a central stage and soared in popularity in the last 10 years. It was around the mid-90s that competitive gaming started gaining traction, and this started when Street Fighter players challenged themselves in tournaments. However, the events of today have taken another dimension and grown bigger in all ramifications.

Today, the crowd has grown bigger, the winning team and other players' prize money, the TV commercials, and the TV audience has all grown exponentially too. This has raised the stakes higher than it has ever been, and made the action more exciting than ever.

There are now more places to bet on Esports and your favorite games. Whether you prefer match betting or to use sites like for skins gambling or bet real money on casino style games like crash, coinflip or roulette.

Because of this huge growth in the industry, a lot of external forces started getting interested in the industry, and the right to broadcast matches became a hot cake for TV and Streaming firms. We can say that the biggest growth in the esports sector is probably the construction of dedicated arenas for esports events.

However, players in other industries are analyzing things and looking for how they can take advantage of this soaring popularity, and bring more people to purchase their products and services. Here, we will be talking about how esports arrived to the major online betting markets of the world, and its impact on the market.

The Growth of Online Betting

The online betting system could be said to have arrived with the internet. At the beginning, websites were able to deliver very simple and crude adaptations of what happens in the physical casinos, but this has witnessed magnificent evolution since then.

The online betting industry is booming at the moment, and many factors have made this possible over the years, with the market having an estimated value of up to $53.7bn globally. Here, we are talking about the common online casino games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack, the conventional sports betting, and other regulars like bingo and slots.

Bingo in particular has grown so much that the number of bingo games available out there is very massive, and this simply reveals the extent of the digital popularity that the game has gained over the years. The online gambling system cannot be complete without bingo, as it has a central position in the types of games available, and the growth that the sector has witnessed in the last few years.

However, although the popularity of games like bingo continues to increase, the biggest growth in the industry has been in sports betting, where esports has become so popular online alongside some of the most significant pastimes and games in the world.

Why Do People Choose Esports

The choice of esports for betting is just like the choice of conventional sports for betting. Fans like to analyze players and teams' form and predict what the outcome or result of games would look like, and the fact that they can win some money through this knowledge fascinates many of them.

That same trend is what is obtainable in esports, and here, players try to analyze the possible outcome of individual games, tournaments, and competitions. The market to select from these days is very huge, as many esports events take place regularly.

It takes a lot of efforts for the betting firms to calculate the odds, set them, and change them with events. The fact that there are so many esports markets available today, competing with tournaments like the NFL and the Premier League, reveals the level of growth that esports has recorded.

The growth that esports has experienced over the years could be measured through many ways, and the evidence of the increase in popularity and value of the sector is showcased everywhere, including in the prize money on offer and the size of the audience.

The increase in the relationship with betting companies also gives further credence to the fact that esports has come to stay as one of the biggest sporting disciplines in the world.