History of Innovations for Online Slots

The online slots coming to market in 2019 look a lot different than the slots from yesteryear. There’s has been so much innovation over the years that online slots can now be classified by generation. In the early years, slots were referred to as fruit slots. They came with 3 reels and 1 to 5 pay lines. The returns were poor, and the games lacked the possibility of interaction. That era of slots didn’t last long because slot players started demanding more from their slot playing experience.

Turn of the Century Slots

Around the turn of the century, software developers introduced video slots. The games came with a larger variety of game formats and fun and exciting bonus games. At some point, the bonus games came with an opportunity for the slot player to interact with the game by making choices or performing some function. Many of these games are still available and If you're wanting a great range of games then you can play slots here, slots from yesteryear and today.

Recent Developments

Over the last five years or so, online slots have matured. Software developers have done a great job using cutting edge technology to develop a new generation of online slots. This new generation includes exciting innovations like unusual game formats that can produce literally thousands of different ways to win. The games feature brilliant colors, imaginative game themes, great animation, more use of audio features and graphics that give games a real sense of realism.

More importantly, today’s games come with truly exciting bonus features. Almost every online slot game hitting the market seeks to get players involved at the highest levels. When bonus games include awesome animated interactive activities, the enjoyment a slot player gets is many better that what early online slots players experienced in the past.

Much of the creativity and innovation is being driven by intense competition among software developers. In the early years, developers like Microgaming and Playtech dominated the industry. Around the turn of the century Net Entertainment or NetEnt joined the party. Today, there are literally dozens of competent software development companies that are capable of producing truly innovative online slot games.

The Next Generation

As the online gambling continues its record expansion, slot players are demanding more. The next generation of online slots are going to be built around Virtual Reality (VR) technology. We are already seeing a number of games hitting the market from the likes of leading software developer NetEnt.

VR technology is going to impact the online gambling industry in two ways. First, players will be able to use their goggles and controllers to move around a VR casino. The casino will include both table games, slots and a lounge for interaction with other players.

On a whole other level, specific VR slot games will allow to become part of the game playing action. Imagine an online slot player who finds themselves sitting in the middle of a shooter bonus game where they get to pull the trigger themselves to earn rewards. That’s where everything is heading within the next year.

These are exciting times for online gamblers. As one innovation leads to another, the gamblers are coming out the real winners.