Soccer / Football : Turkey : Super League 2015/2016

1Besiktas29169-2-2 (13)
2Fenerb.2798-3-1 (12)
3Akhisar2587-4-2 (13)
4Galatas.23126-5-2 (13)
5Basaksehir2377-2-4 (13)
6Kasimp.2065-5-3 (13)
7Konya20-25-5-3 (13)
8Rize1834-6-3 (13)
9Trabzon1705-2-5 (12)
10Antalya17-34-5-4 (13)
11Osmanli1514-3-6 (13)
12Bursa15-45-0-8 (13)
13Gaziantep15-94-3-6 (13)
14Kayseri14-23-5-5 (13)
15Gencler.13-53-4-6 (13)
16Siva10-51-7-5 (13)
17Mersin7-151-4-8 (13)
18Eskisehir7-172-1-10 (13)

last results

29.11Besiktas - Akhisar0:2
29.11Gencler. - Gaziantep2:2
29.11Kasimp. - Galatas.2:2
28.11Siva - Basaksehir2:2
28.11Eskisehir - Mersin3:2
27.11Bursa - Kayseri1:2
27.11Rize - Konya0:0
27.11Antalya - Osmanli1:1
23.11Gaziantep - Basaksehir0:1

Turkish Super League stats

home wins40 %
draws28 %
away wins32 %

League format : Soccer / Football : Turkey : Super League 2015/2016

The Super League is the main national football competition in Turkey. The league consists of 18 teams. During the season, each team plays twice against each opponent on a home and away basis. So, the total number of games per team is 34. The points allocation system follows the international standard with three points for a victory and one for a tie. The club with the most points at the conclusion of the season becomes the Turkish champion.

The top two teams in the Super League also qualify for the UEFA Champions League, with the Turkish champion proceeding directly to the group stage. The second-place team enters in the second qualifying round of Europe's top football competition. At the end of each season, the bottom three teams of the Turkish Super League are directly relegated to the Second Division (Second League A). The top three finishers of the Turkish Second Division move into the Super League where they will compete in the next campaign.

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